Sub Zero is the world leader when it comes to home refrigeration and storage.  Founded in 1945, the American business has passed through three generations of the same family.

After inventing the first free standing freezer in 1943 and the first built in refrigerator soon after, Sub Zero are the only company to use dual refrigeration technology to “keep food fresher” and “preserve frozen food longer”.

They test each individual unit before it leaves the factory and their attention to detail is second to none.  Their innovative designs mean that a Sub Zero fridge blends easily with any kitchen style or any existing kitchen equipment.  They can be concealed behind a wall (with no hinges or handles) or can be the proud focal point of the room. They have many styles with a wide choice of sizes to suit any kitchen.

Sub Zero changed the future of kitchen design with their invention and 70 years on continue breaking boundaries with their unparalleled quality, beautiful designs and innovative  technology.

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